Black Marble

Black Marble

Black marble use in many  country for designing of kitchen ,bathroom and it also utilise for luxury planes and projects.

Most way to show black marble in house decoration is use and mix it with white marble.

This mixture caused to have a prominent mixture.

The most popular countries that supply black marble can beckon to India,Iran,Italy and turkey.

As the black marble features can beckon to variation and low water absorption.

Black marble supply in tile and slab sizes and the price of it depends on different parameters such as quality, thickness and country of supplier.

Zino stone company as one the most popular company in  Iran at fields of export the different kind of black marble is ready to give service to the customers and companies in different countries such as Canada, Australia,Italy,Qatar, Kuwait, emirate and ... .

iran is one of the richest countries in black marble stone source. zino stone group is a well known brand in the field of exporting black marble iranian natural stones in tile and slab.

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